We believe agriculture needs to be


Modern Farming methods like Hydroponics and Aquaponics do provide a way out but are tough to execute in terms of maintaining the system and achieving economics. It feels fascinating unless you start doing it yourself.

We started our journey using "Grow Local" as our mantra.

Hence our name, GROWLOC.

Our Journey

This is our journey. Want to become a part of it?

The Beginning

While working to establish FIED IIM Kashipur incubation center, we met a lot of people trying to innovate in the AgriTech sector via methods like Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Precision Farming, etc.

But there was a common pattern: THE INFORMATION/DATA GAP! We decided to address this problem and started learning, iterating our approach, talking to people.

The Community Hands-On

In our initial sessions with various stakeholders, we recognized localization and quality standardization as key factors. For instance, it is well known that spinach is good for our body, but how it is grown impacts its nutritional value.

Focusing on Hydroponics as a method, as it allows localization as well as enables maintaining superior quality while increasing the yield. We started working with farm owners & market stakeholders to understand the constraints, helping them improve their processes, meanwhile building our own farms.

What Next..

Connecting the dots, we got together with professors from prominent colleges, CEOs of Incubation centers, Industrialists, Students to build a coherent team working to solve the Data Asymmetry.

We are now working on building a Data-driven ecosystem to help localize farming and enable the growers by staying true to our call: Grow Easy – Grow Local.

Our Team

We are a team of young folks innovating and trying to make Hydroponics & other soil-less farming methods a mainstream source of food.

Sanket Jiwane
Shanu Kumar
Gautami Kundan
Manasi Paymode
Nayan Gavhane
Prathamesh Kulkarni
Web Development


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